True Blue For PS3!!!

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How fast time past. About two years ago, I had tried Teensy for the PS3, a mod that allows you to "hack" the PS3 and run pirated games. The time has come for its upgraded version, True Blue.

After 20 days I ordered it, True Blue finally came to me. Its packaging is very simple, as it should be, since the only thing you need is the dongle.

Its construction looks "heavy", even the dongle itself is somewhat heavy.
Before you use it, you'll have to install the company's firmware, which is found if you search the net (TrueBlue ‐3.55 ‐CFW). However, because there may be many "smart people" who uploaded other firmware with the same name, make sure it have the "signature" below:

MD5: 43C522F8897D77B6165F95BCF3409090
SHA1: A64B010DB98996C7E53768D37D4D346F271D5950

Although the company says it can be upgraded from the PS3 menu, however it did not work for me and I had to use the PS3's recovery method.

Upgrading is easy, it takes only 2-3 minutes. When it's finished, you'll need to install the TB upgrade called "TrueBlueUpdate-2.3.pkg" before using the dongle.

Running games is the same as CFW, it changes nothing. You just have to either download the "True Blue" ready games or download the "patched" files for every game and then run it on the PS3.

Although most games and home-brew apps were running normally, the GAIA Manager was not running, it is likely that a new upgrade will be corrected this.


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