Play Wii on PC

Play Wii on PC
March 14, 2010 03:15:17

I imagine you already know the Nintendo Wii. This is one of the largest sales console. However, this machine is sucks, literally. For me, it is a big scam. It goes into old hardware and is sold as long as a new one.

From N64 and later, Ninty releases machines that have a few good games, and in order to have more titles, they were released a lot of trash games. Every company that wants to release a bad game, chooses a Nintendo console.

I am not saying that the other consoles have only good games, but generally a Nintendo console is bought only for 2-3 good games you wait the most, and then the dust is eating it.

The question is worth paying for a console where you will play some games and then give it up? I personally want to play Mario and Metroid Other M. and any Zelda game will come out.

Anyway, the community is here and is trying to emulate the Wii. The latest efforts have a good progress.

Basically, we can play some games right now, but the list is limited. Some play perfectly, others are slow, others have problems and others don't run at all. In the emulator forum, there is a list of games. If the game you want is within the "playable", then it's worth trying the emulator. Of course there are also references to each game, such as New Super Mario.


A powerful PC, the latest version of the Dolphin emulator and the Xpadder. Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad. Very good for other applications too, not just for the dolphin.

Download the emulator and run it. Then choose the game iso you already downloaded. You can play the game using the mouse and the keyboard too.

But if you have a gamepad, then run Xpadder. Create a new profile and press all the gamepad's buttons. You will see a new screen after that.

Pressing with the mouse on a key will show you a screen with the keyboard. So if you want to put the left button of the gamepad with the left arrow on the keyboard, select it and continue with the rest. The above figure shows that so far I have just left the key.

When done mapping the gamepad, you can now run the game.