How To Format your HDD with Notepad

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How To Format your HDD with Notepad

Let's see how we can format HDDs, delete boot.ini and more using only notepad.

Note 1: This will format your HDD or delete your boot.ini without any warning. Use it at your own risk.

Note 2: Use only 0 & 1 and not the commands (for example format c:)

Note 3: After save the txt file you will have a name.exe file. To use it just double click on it and it will open a window and start the command you entered.

1) Open the notepad and write this:
and then save it as name.exe
This will format the C:/ drive.
You can use and other codes too.

For command "format c: /Q/X" put:
01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 1000000110001100111010010111000010000000101111010100010010111101011000

For command "format d: /Q/X" put:
01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 1000000110010000111010010111000010000000101111010100010010111101011000

For command "format a: /Q/X" put:
01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 1000000110000100111010010111000010000000101111010100010010111101011000

For command "del /F/S/Q c:boot.ini" put:
01100100011001010110110000100000001011110100011000 10111101010011001011110101000100100000011000110011101001011100011000100110111101 101111011101000010111001101001 0110111001101001


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