Unique Illustrator Business Card Tutorial

August 9, 2018 comments 94 Reads

Check out this TRENDY Illustrator business card tutorial today, with Satori Graphics. Follow along and make your very own neat and awesome business card design, following the graphic design trends of 2018. It couldn’t be easier with the straight forward and step by step method, in this Illustrator business card tutorial.
I thought I would get trendy today and delve into graphic design trends, to bring to you a neat little business card design, all using Adobe Illustrator. I show you how to design the business card artwork itself, but also how to save the design for print, using Illustrator. It really is very straight forward and easy to do, the cool trendy effects that you see look great, but are actually fairly easy to recreate. So enjoy learning the techniques of todays business card design, and end up with one trendy looking business card, print ready!
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