Swift Tutorial: How to load web page using WKWebView in ios swift

August 11, 2018 comments 99 Reads

In this Video, we will learn how to use WKWebView so that we can load html web page inside our app. As UIWebView is deprecated since ios 8.0 is launched, we now need to use WKWebView comes with webkit framework.
What we learn in this video:
1) How to load page in WKWebView
2) Hide and show activity indicator when page starts to load and hide indicator view when page stops loading, for this we will use isLoading property of WKWebView with the help of KVO (Key Value Observing) as isLoading property is KVO compliant and won’t work if we use it directly.
3) Advantages of using WKWebView instead of UIWebView.
Source Code: http://bit.ly/2B1v4eC