Simulating Audio Movement

August 5, 2018 comments 89 Reads

In this video we look at simulating the Movement of audio. By this, I mean; when you create an animation or a VFX shot, there are times when you need to add audio to “sell” the realism of the object or action.
You might just take your audio into another program and play around with the volume and position to get the effect you are looking for. But using blender we can easily simulate the movement of anything we want.
In the example, we have footage of some cars. Originally it was silent but I added the cars background noise. Then using a speaker in 3D mode, we animate/simulate the the movement of the police car and then add a simple siren SFX.
You can use this method for a wide variety of shots and animations to really help tie everything in.
Hopefully you enjoyed this video, if you use this method in your work be sure to post a link in our facebook group :
(Note, The only thing I did to this video was add audio.)