August 16, 2018 comments 98 Reads

In part 7 of the notifications tutorial, we will learn how to group multiple notifications together. On Android 7.0 (Nougat) and higher, notifications are grouped automatically, if an app displays 4 or more at the same time. This notification group shows a summary of the notifications it contains and can be expanded to display the single notifications in it separately.
On lower API levels, we can create a summary notification instead, by calling setGroupSummary on a NotificationCompat.Builder and setGroup and every notification we want to replace by that summary.
A good way to display a summary notification, is by using the InboxStyle.
On Nougat and higher this also gives us more control over the notification group, because we can define an onClick behavior with setContentIntent and change parts of the texts of the notification group, like the summary text. With setGroupAlertBehavior we can also specify which notifications of the group are allowed to make noise. Compatible values are GROUP_ALERT_ALL, GROUP_ALERT_CHILDREN and GROUP_ALERT_SUMMARY.
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