Intro to Data Visualization in Python with Matplotlib! (line graph, bar chart, title, labels, size)

June 1, 2019 comments 99 Reads

Yay finally posting again. Hopefully this video will help you get comfortable working through the matplotlib library. I’m going to post a follow up video with real-world examples (combining pandas with matplotlib) and different types of plots next week. I originally was going to include that in this one, but I thought the video was getting a bit too long.
In this video we walk through some of the basics of matplotlib. We start by making a simple line graph. We learn how to give the graph a title and label the x & y axis. We learn how to scale the graph by specifying the x & y tickmarks. After this, we restyle our line by passing in keyword arguments then do basically the same thing with a shorthand notation. We resize our graph and save it. Then we end with a simple bar chart.
Source Code (includes code and data for next video as well):
Matplotlib Pyplot Documentation:
Font List:
Install libraries Needed for this video:
Option 1:
Open up a terminal window and type
pip install matplotlib
pip install numpy
pip install pandas
Option 2:
Download anaconda which will contain all the packages we need. A video on how to do this is here:
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