Day 7- Introduction to Blender Final Assignment - Animating Aircraft

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Introduction to Blender 3D.

Hello Folks

Welcome to the Last Chapter of Introduction Series about Blender.
Today we are going to talk about mainly the basics of animation in Blender.
Its not about the principles of animation, but the introduction to how to work with keyframes and available commands in Blender to add some motion to your scenes. We will continue with the Aircraft model from previous chapter.
This is going to be a long chapter, I have tried to fit in as much information as possible to introduce the Keyframing process. So Buckle up and lets dive into it and add life to our model.

You can download the reference images from the link below.

Link to Playlist for Entire Series

I hope you guys enjoying your journey to 3d so far. Do share your work
@instacrossmind and we will do a review and community showcase.

Chapter Sections Timestamp -

Intro: (00:00)
Preview: (00:13)
Finalizing Asset-Cleaning Up : (01:53)
Finalizing Asset-Scaling: (05:40)
Finalizing Assets - Origins : (06:58)
Finalizing Assets - Parenting: (11:15)

Introduction - 18:26
Bouncing Ball - 19:12
Bouncing Ball / Autokey - 20:11
Bouncing Ball / Manual Keying Channels - 22:56
Bouncing Ball / Timeline - 24:02
Bouncing Ball / Graph Editor - 26:03
Bouncing Ball / Stretch and Squash - 29:04

Keying Parameters: 34:10
Fcurve Modifiers: 44:40

Airplane Animation
Creating Layout: 50:55
Animating Plane: 55:40
Clouds : 1:08:46
Refining Scene: 1:25:23
Render settings: 1:40:00
Rendering : 1:49:19
conclusion : 1:51:32

Windows 10
Dual Xeon silver 4114 2.2 GHz ( 2 processors 20 cores)
Quadro P 4000 GPU - 8GB
64 GB 2400 Mhz DDR 5


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