Day 5 - Lighting - Introduction to Blender 3D

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Introduction to Blender 3D.

Hello Folks

Welcome, Day 5 of Blender Introduction Series.
This chapter will be about basic tools of lighting, what are the different categories of lights and how they work within Blender.
Although lighting is more of a theoretical subject to discuss it's necessary to discuss tools for the same before we discuss theories. It's not much technical as I have kept it very basic but at the same time enough so you can start your research into the Lighting.
Feel free to ask me anything I might have forgotten to mention. Its a big subject and I am sure by the time you are done with this, you will have plenty of questions.

I hope you guys enjoying your journey to 3d. Do share your work
@instacrossmind and we will do a review and community showcase.


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