Day 4 - Shading/Texturing/UV -Introduction to Blender

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Introduction to Blender 3D.

Hello Folks

Welcome, Day 4 of Blender Introduction Series.

In this chapter, we will discuss the materials, textures, and UV. How do the basic materials work and the meaning of terms used in shaders, How to mix shaders, set up basic PBR shader, textures, etc? We will also talk about UV a bit and will shade all the models we created in modifier chapters. It's not much technical as I have kept it very basic but at the same time enough so you can start your research into the material study.
Feel free to ask me anything I might have forgotten to mention. Its a big subject and I am sure by the time you are done with this, you will have plenty of questions.

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Link Blend File to start with tutorial ( without shaders):

Texture Links:

More useful links to study UV mapping:


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