Complete Linux Networking Tutorial

Get The Complete Linux Administration Course Bundle!

The Complete Linux Administration Course Bundle!

If you want to get started as a network administrator, you will LOVE this complete Ubuntu Linux networking tutorial. This video will cover everything from local area networks, how the internet works, networking commands for beginners, tracking activity on your network, and basic hacking/penetration testing functions.

Time Stamps
00:01 Introduction to networking
01:24 How does the internet work?
06:35 What is a local network (LAN)?
14:02 Practical networking commands (terminal)
24:34 Netstat command for detailed network statistics
29:33 Linux hosts file
38:53 Traceroute for tracking server requests
42:51 Network mapper for tracking activity on your network
57:23 SSH to access the command line of a remote host
1:00:00 SFTP to transfer files between machines
1:03:37 Setting up an SSH host

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