Blender Game Engine Basics Tutorial #10 : HUD On-Screen Counter Overlay #b3d #gamelogic

In this Blender Game Engine Tutorial #10 I cover:

-How to create another scene that acts as an OVERLAY or HUD (Heads-Up-Display) which may contain a counters, lives, or anything the player might want to see over their game
-How to make an overlay disappear when the game switched to a different screen
**In this tutorial #10 I continue on from tutorial #9 in which I created a coin-counter. In this video I add a counter-overlay to display how many coins have been collected
***You’ll find a link to download my starting .blend file below in this description.
****Wondering how to add COLOR to your text-counter once you’re done? I’ll cover that in an upcoming video. (hint: normal materials do not work by default on text-objects in-game.


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