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Blender 2.7 Tutorial #57 : Post-Processing & Video Effects #b3d

UPDATE! Blender 2.79’s ‘Render-to-Video-File’ settings have changed! Check out my UPDATED Tutorial on Rendering to a Video File in Blender 2.79! https://youtu.be/80N0SIoRNWQ

In this Blender 2.7 Tutorial #57 I cover:

– How to add un-rendered scenes to the Video Sequence Editor
– How to add modifiders to clips (strips) in the sequencer
– How to add Effect strips to clips/scenes in the sequencer
– How to use compositing nodes to add color adjustments and effects to your render pipeline.
– How to render your animation (with effects/adjustments) to an h.264 mp4 file

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