Affinity Designer for iPad tutorial

August 15, 2018 comments 89 Reads

Affinity Designer for iPad is here!
In this recording of a live session I demonstrate everything you need to know to get the very best out of this amazing iPad app. You’ll learn just how revolutionary Affinity Designer for iPad actually is, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen on an iPad before!
This is what was covered:
00:00:05 – Introduction
00:04:02 – What You’ll Learn
00:04:51 – Demonstration
00:04:55 – The Affinity Designer Interface
00:14:48 – Creating a Playing Card
00:28:06 – Using the Drawing Tools
00:37:32 – How to Make a Book Cover
00:50:35 – How to Create a Poster
01:06:00 – Export Persona
01:15:43 – Wrap Up
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