#6 - Display User's Name

August 8, 2018 comments 88 Reads

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**Series Description**
Make an Android App Like WHATSAPP
I’ll show you how you can do this in the simplest way and terms possible.
By the end of this series you’ll have learned how the big companies do it and will be able to do the same, you not only will be able to do this app, but you’ll be able to put what you learn into your very own projects!
Any question, ask me in the Forum, every question gets an answer!
**In This Video**
Make an Android App Like WHATSAPP – #6 – Display User’s Name
1 – Introduction – 0:15
2 – Getting Name of the User – 1:20
3 – Creating Setters for the UserObject – 3:25
4 – Compile & Test- 4:30
Project Download: https://github.com/SimCoderYoutube/WhatsAppClone
**Intro and Outro Song**
Arman Cekin – California Dreaming