#3 How to UV Map & Texture a Tree in Maya

In this step we’ll cover UV mapping and texturing the branches that you made in the previous step. This will cover using the UV Editor in Maya.
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#1 Creating diffuse and transparency maps for a tree in Maya | Maya Tree Tutorial – https://youtu.be/b6yY5gxu9zw
#2 Modelling Tree Branches in Maya 2016 – https://youtu.be/lv0C9V5FePY
#3 How to UV Map & Texture a Tree in Maya – https://youtu.be/CCMg_qHbvq4
#4 Shaping tree branches in Maya – https://youtu.be/AbWdY1CCZhY
#5 Model and Texture a Tree Trunk in Maya – https://youtu.be/klCOmvMbYBA
#6 Adding Branches to a Low Poly Tree – https://youtu.be/OPMhRqO1OyI
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