#15: Basic Render Pipeline Optimization

August 9, 2018 comments 94 Reads

To finish off the segment on the render pipeline, we implement a relatively simple and effective optimization.
Starting code: https://github.com/BennyQBD/3DGameProgrammingTutorial/tree/f275800b1fc9e1f7bbca334c41a85bfc7e0fb03a
Finished code: https://github.com/BennyQBD/3DGameProgrammingTutorial/tree/399ef1c6c881c28b48e0fc8514a7860f69c9f09c
Line-by-line code change breakdown: https://github.com/BennyQBD/3DGameProgrammingTutorial/commit/399ef1c6c881c28b48e0fc8514a7860f69c9f09c
Base code: https://github.com/BennyQBD/CGFX5
Discord: https://discord.gg/aMqvk3E
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