#01 - Intro and Basic Setup

August 8, 2018 comments 87 Reads

This video is starting something a little different. Apologies for the audio in later portions of the video, my microphone settings got messed up after a reboot and it was too much to go back and re-record. Future videos will have this issue fixed. Commit: https://github.com/travisvroman/TS-Engine-Tutorial/commit/69f6c36c1e8949a4d958f85889f3b3d24d40c576
In this video series I step through the process of making a simple game from the ground up using TypeScript and WebGL.
GitHub Repo: https://github.com/travisvroman/TS-Engine-Tutorial
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This video is part of my channel dedicated to giving back to the game development community with the experiences I have had in an effort to help new developers with my knowledge, thoughts and experience.
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