XviD4PSP - AVI or DVD to PMP converter

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XviD4PSP - AVI or DVD to PMP converter

Here is a guide for XviD4PSP, a video/audio converter shell program for PSP to version v3.002a . This program uses several video/audio converting modules to extend its compatibility for all kinds of video/audio clips, including PMP.

Minimal requirements for the system:

  • AviSynth 2.5.6a
  • Framework 1.1
  • Xvid 1.1.0 final
  • DivX 6.x.x

To start converting open XviD4PSP, choose interesting you Options, add the task (DVD or AVI) and press button Start .
Button Start - starts tasks, Clear - clears the list of tasks and delete temp files, Stop - stop all tasks.
If the Temp Folder is not specified, the Windows standard Temp folder is used.
If the Save Folder is not specified, PMP files will be saved near to sources.

Most interesting futures of the program:

  1. The greatest possible quality of PMP files, and full automation.
  2. Aspect corrected automatically.
  3. Imposing of subtitles. While only for AVI. The file of subtitles should name as well as film, also should be in a format SRT.
  4. Combine of several AVI to one PMP.
  5. Coding towards the size.
  6. Addition of tasks. It is possible to add some tasks, for example a AVI and one DVD to choose Hibernate and to press button Start. Consistently encoded all tasks and after end of process the computer will leave in sleep mode.


HQ Mode: (VirtualDub) - coding and application of filters It is carried out through VirtualDub. More slowly than through Mencoder, but is more qualitative. There Is option Temporal and it is possible most to be played with filters.
HQ Mode: (Mencoder) - coding is carried out through Mencoder, filters are applied through AviSynth. More quickly than through VirtualDub, but It is less than opportunities.
Gain - increase of loudness. Value 4 is optimum, But there are cases when it is possible to put and more.
Temporal - smoothing of noise, deblocking and improvement Compressibility. A useful option for the noisy and strongly compressed sources. Does not cause blur also promotes improvement of quality.
Sharpen - increase of clearness. Very useful and necessary option. Values by default are optimum.
Rip - DVD it is copied on a hard disk. If this option not It is specified, DVD the disk is coded on a straight line with dvd-rom. If at you the disk is coded More than 3 hours, are recommended to do rip, it will prolong a life to yours dvd-rom. As it is useful if you want encode any certain title with dvd disk.
Scan - if this option is not chosen, presence DVD is not checked disk. You must choose a folder in which at you are stored vobs.
Titles - are coded all titles with DVD a disk or from vob folders. If this option is not chosen, the first is coded only title - for example film without Additions.
Split - everyone titles is coded in separate pmp a files. Very much conveniently for disks with series.
Autocrop - automatic a crop of black fields. It is applied only in case of detection water with the size more than 2 pixels.

Info Names - to the name of a file the mode of coding is added. It is useful if you for comparison have solved encode the same file to two in the different ways - VirtualDub or Mencoder.
full 3.000a - http://rapidshare.de/files/14682960/Xvid4PSP3000a.rar.html
full 3.000a mirror - http://dl.qj.net/XviD4PSP-Software-Audio-Video/pg/12/fid/5212/catid/32
Delete old XviD4PSP.ini before run update version !!!

update 3.002a - http://rapidshare.de/files/14952822/XviD4PSP_update_3002a.rar.html
update 3.002a mirror - http://dl.qj.net/XviD4PSP-v3.002a-Update-Software-Audio-Video/pg/12/fid/5266/catid/32


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