Wave 4 on Xbox 360

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Recently we started to learn how to "patch" Xbox 360 games, in order to play on older firmwares, and now MS "throws" us a new way to protect the copies of her games, the so called Wave4.

The first game that is said to have this type of lock is the Cars Race-O-Rama.

This new system works like this, while the iXtreme firmware (except 1.51) checks for some version of the Wave before it plays the game, this time they have increased the partition space with the video at the beginning of each DVD so iXtreme does not loads it.

Fortunately, there is this new patch that will make things better (from Wave 4 to Wave 3).

Once you download it, unzip it somewhere. Install the Abgx. Then set the settings as in the following 3 images.

[Images removed]

As you can see in the images, you must set in the GUI the path of .iso and .bin files, which are included in the file you downloaded.

Note that this way you DO NOT have to play online, since isos is not safe.

There is also another patch, SoulHeaven's 360 Waves patcher, which is a big file, but it does a lot more and is easier than the previous one.

You can download it from here. Waves files for the Wave 3 are here and for the 2 here.


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