Use the Xbox360 HD DVD to your PC

November 15, 2006

Enticed by the $199 price,let's see how the Microsoft’s XBox 360 HD-DVD player could work on a normal PC. We can have a cheap HD DVD on our PCs.Seems like Microsoft has unwilling created a cheap HD-DVD drive, for any Windows XP user.

[Props to BluePrint for the Drivers]
Also you need:
-An Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
-Windows XP
and of course a software available for Windows XP to play HD-DVD’s. See PowerDVD and WinDVD.

Note when PowerDVD for HD-DVD is available you will not need an HDCP compliant card. It will work over VGA.However, the most important thing is were now able to read the UDF (Universal Disc Filesystem) v2.5 which is currently used by the Toshiba Corp with there first generation HD-DVDRom drives. You can see the entire contents of the HD-DVD Media when in the drive.

You can see the Label of the movie title next to the drive letter, you can copy the entire contents of the disc to your hdd

Connect the drive on your pc and start WinXP.
Your Drive will be recognized like CDROM.
Unrar the file and right click on thdudf.inf and choose install.
Once this is complete, you must reboot your PC for a full installation of the new
UDF 2.5 File system recognition.

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