How To Upgrade The Nintendo DS Firmware (New DS)

How To Upgrade The Nintendo DS Firmware (New DS)
July 23, 2006 09:17:28

By upgrading your DS firmware, you can run UNSIGNED (roms and homebrew) DS code on the DS.ead this tutorial to help you with this.

Note: This process is for NEWER Nintendo DSes (Red, Teal, Pink, some Blues, and some new silvers). It will not work for the older units.

Hardware Needed

-SuperCard SD
-SD Memory Card (1GB+)
-The Metroid Hunters Demo
-Small screwdriver set (phillips and flathead) to remove the battery cover and short a jumper through a hole

Software Needed

The files you need are attached into one rar file.


With the DS powered off, remove the battery cover and locate the red and white tiny sticker covering a hole.Remove this sticker.
There you can find the hole and inside the two points which we short together.

Now connect the DS with ac adapter.
Put the Metroid demo in the Passme2 and have it RIGHT on hand, poised near the DS game slot. You will have about 2 seconds to get that card into the slot and seated when we tell you to. So, practice a bit first. Make sure you have it CONTACTS FACING you, game label facing away.
Download/extract the above files to your SD card and then put memory card in SuperCard.
Boot the DS. After boot hit START GBA GAME.

From the Supercard menu, run the IQSRAM.GBA file. A screen will say SRAM LOADED!

Now you must do the next steps inside of 2-3 seconds:
-Power off the DS
-Stick the Passme2 with game into the DS slot
-Power back on with ABXY held down, release when you see the SC screen on the bottom.

Now run the flashmev5.nds file.
If all goes well, you'll see some white text on a black screen (If not, just go back to BOOT THE DS above and try it again. You have to be quick on the power cycle).

The screen will give you some hints on what to do. You will hit some keys to start the process.
Please note:Once the process starts, there is a percentage indicator. ONCE IT GOES ABOVE ZERO, YOU ARE CAN NOT STOP THE PROCESS.

DO NOT REMOVE THE AC ADAPTOR.If you power off the DS or otherwise lose power, you now have a shiny new brick. If its sitting at 0% you can abort. Note: You do not have to maintain contact the whole time. If it stops at like 5%, keep going, do not stop the process.
Now once the 0% indicator comes up, you will need to stick that flathead screwdriver in the hole and short out the jumper in there.

As its shorted, the progress meter will steadily rise. Once it reaches 100%, you're done. If its blinking, you lost contact with the pad - wiggle around until you get it counting up again. Once you've verified that its at 100%, power off, remove the passme2, and power up, holding down the AXYB buttons. That boots the machine to the DS code on the GBA slot.

You cannot start DS games from the GBA side of the Supercard. Make SURE you boot the DS with those four buttons held down. Once you see your GBA device booted (supercard's logo appears on the BOTTOM screen) you can let go.