How To Tripple torrents speeds with bitcomet

How To Tripple torrents speeds with bitcomet
July 23, 2006 09:04:45

Let's see how we can triple speeds with bitcomet

1)Download and install Bitcomet
2) Under Preferences, select a random listening port or just use 12242.
3) Run this test and follow all the steps it tells you to GREATLY improve your cable/dsl connection.

Under advertised speed, use the max speed you got after taking the speed test.
4)If you are behind a firewall such as McAfee, please allow full access to the internet for BitComet.

  1. If you are behind a router, please visit and then select your router, and then BitComet. Follow every step to forward your ports and allow greater access to better speeds for your torrents.
  2. If possible, register with private trackers such as or . If these are full, keep trying as they ban people on the regular leaving open spots.

If not, use decent public trackers such as , , or ONE of my favorite,
If you are using IsoHunt they give you a list of trackers, copy these trackers and put them in your tracker list on BitComet.

  1. Download the torrent of your choice that has the most Seeds but least amount of leechers. Keep in mind, torrents with for eg. 8 seeds will download slower than a torrent with 100+ seeds.

  2. 8 ) When downloading large files (500+ MB) it takes up to 30 minutes to get up to full speed, so dont worry if you start off slow. Also do NOT download more than one torrent at a time.

  3. Under preferences in BC, go to connections and set max connection per task to 285.