Return to Planet Zebes (Super Metroid)

Return to Planet Zebes (Super Metroid)
April 15, 2010

'Super Metroid Redesign' is an amazing hack for the Super Metroid game.

Basically what is this hack and what's the difference with the normal Super Metroid? The difference is that it's more difficult, like harder opponents, shorter times (such as at the beginning), and different "hiding places" for objects are some of the changes that this hack contains. The game is literally a redesign.

I love Super Metroid and have finish it many times. However, this change amazed me, since I can play it again. Although on emulators it did not run, however, on the latest version of the emulator for PS3 it ran satisfactorily.

The game's map

You need

This patch
This tool (for the patch)
A SNES emulator (snes9x or zSnes)
The game's rom.

The 1st part of the gamer as Speedrun

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