The restaurant that... saved Metroid

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The restaurant that... saved Metroid

The Metroid (NES) game may be known by many players, mainly from its later releases (or the addition of newer titles in the series). This is a series of titles that have left their time for their depth and quality. However, few players know a little secret of the game.

As you will see in the picture below, in the credits of the game, appeared a strange name "Benkei". Many thought it was a developer who used it as a nickname.

Image of the credits of the Japanese version of the game

The story is as follows. At the end of 1985 (and in the first half of '86), Nintendo was very busy with the creation of Metroid (of course, there were neither the current systems nor the human resources). So the team of the game wasted enough time with its creation that no one could leave for food.

The problem was that almost no restaurant was willing to deliver food at the company's premises, except for a restaurant, the Benkei Shokudo.

"If it was not the Benkei, I do not know if we were able to finish the game", a member of the game team said.

The restaurant where Metroid's creators ordered their food 30 years ago.

The Benkei owner told to "That was about 30 years ago. Someone called from Nintendo's office and ordered a large amount of food every day. Of course we could not deliver so much food at one time, so we had to carry it in portions as we cooked it, making many runs until we finished the order." He also noted that he did not change the recipe and in essence remains exactly the same as it was then.

Metroid's team favorite food.

Of course, the game could be done, even if they did not eat for days. However, it is nice to learn some things that happened many years ago and at one of the most beloved titles. It is also nice that the restaurant continues to operate today, in the same place as it was back then (located in Kyoto).

Game's longplay

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