Bypass Rapidshare's Restrictions

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Bypass Rapidshare's Restrictions

In this tutorial, we see how to pass the wait time from RapidShare with The Grabber 1.4.1 - SHiNE.

The Grabber is a tool to facilitate downloads using RapidShare FREE-service. This tool cannot bypass any Free-service limitations but is handy for mass downloads from RapidShare using proxies.

General Features:

  1. Allows multiple downloads at the same time by using proxies
  2. Bypass download limit (i.e. 1hr restriction) using proxies
  3. Has built-in downloader but allows files to be downloaded using any popular download manager (new feature: all download managers are now supported)
  4. Has link checker
  5. Has proxy checker
  6. Has My Link Store (new feature)
  7. Added additional Proxy settings for those that don't connect to the internet directly (by your requests) (new feature)
  8. Settings dialog added (new feature)
  9. Premium account checker (as separate util) (new feature)

How to:

Ok, I'm going to post these instructions and if you follow them EXACTLY !! you can download up to 11 at a time. If you are using a different version, or are not first checking the proxies using the built-in proxy checker, then you are not going to have any success. And, don't use Flashget!! Just download using this to a folder using the built-in download manager. Under settings, you can specify where you want the download to go.

Here Goes:
I use Rapidshare Linkgrabber ver. 1.4.1 ,with proxys
To use with a proxy:
Open IE, and select "Tools","Internet Options",and click on "Advanced".
Scroll down until you see a box that says "Use HTTP 1.1 with Proxies" and one that says "Use HTTP 1.1"
Enable both boxes.
Now go to Google and search for "Proxy Lists", or Anonymous proxies"
Once you find a site that has a list, highlight the list and right click. select "copy" hint; I search proxy forums

Open Rapidshare LinkGrabber, and select the "Proxy Checker" tab.
at the bottom, there's a button that says "paste from clipboard"
You should now see a long list of proxy numbers, hit "Check" and let it run them. note; limit copy/paste to only 25-30 at a time, under "Settings" set it for 1 pass, at 5 sec. timeout
If your lucky, you'll get maybe 10-15 that check out as OK out of 100-200
Now, create a new .txt file and label it Proxies, leave it open.
At the bottom right of LinkGrabber, you'll see a button marked "Copy Valid to Clipboard".
Hit that, then right click on the .txt page and select "paste"
Go back to the internet and repeat this until you get 30-40 or more good proxies.
note: they have to be anonymous proxies to bypass Rapidshare.
I always re-run my "good" list again, right before I'm ready to download because they often die quickly.

Now you are ready.
Open Linkgrabber, and paste your link in the top line.
next, copy/paste one of the proxies to the second line. or create a "Proxy_List.txt" and copy the working proxies to it to enable the auto rotate option.
Click on "Grab" and see if it takes. If it doesn't, just hit "clear" and try the next proxy
until you get one that generates the 3 letter code. Some will show different wait times, and if one is only a few minutes, I usually come back to it.
When it does, click on "New Window" and do the same thing again with your next link, and a different proxy

Repeat as needed: With cable, I can download a max. of 7 at a time before it slows down to a crawl.
Also, some proxies are s l o w ...If I find a really slow one, I remove it from my list until I end up with a pretty reliable list of just the fastest. You have to re-create a new proxy list every day.
If the download starts then end suddenly, you got a non-anonomous proxy. delete the download and the proxy, and try again using a different one.

In the attached packet I've added some proxies, but if you ran out of available proxies, make a search at Google.

After downloading the packet, unrar it somewhere and open the "grabber.ini" with any text editor.
Find the line "LastMessageID=1" and change it to LastMessageID=1 -1
This is because the folks who wrote Linkgrabber have sent a "Message From the Authors" that when closed, disables Linkgrabber so you can't use it anymore. After the change, this line, close the text editor and save the .ini.

Then, right click on it and choose "read only" and then start the prog.


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