PS2 HDD Dumping FAQ

PS2 HDD Dumping FAQ
July 23, 2006 08:14:14

This tutorial is for those who have Toxic OS, HDLoader, and/or HDAdvance. This tutorial is also for use with WinHiip, a program for transferring your games to the PS2 Hard drive.

  1. First of all you must know if your game is combatible with your current HD Game Loader.
    So you should head over to PS2HD's Game List . If your game is not combatible, you may find the other loaders over at SKS Apps .

  2. Next you will need to download a program to put the actual ISOs onto your HDD so they will be playable. In this guide i am using WinHiip 1.7.

  3. Now you must connect your PS2 HDD to PC. Shutdown your PC and remove the PS2 Hard Drive from the PS2. After you have removed it, disconnect the Cables from your CD or DVD drive inside your PC and plug them into your PS2's hard drive. Once you make sure everything is connected correctly, boot up your PC and Open WinHiip.

Note 1: You can't view contents of your PS2 HD).

Note 2: If WinHiip freezes on you, close it and reopen it. Depending on your PC Specs it will freeze the first time you run it but after that it will run correctly.

  1. From here click "Select Drive" and click the one in the drop down list that has "(PS2)" in it's name. If it tells you that the drive does not process a valid PS2 Master Boot record, you will need to format your PS2's hard drive.

  2. After you're done formatting, or are ready to add ISOs, click the "Add Images" button. Now you have a new Dialog that has popped up.

Click "Add Image(s)" again on this new dialog and browse to where we saved our ISO. Click on the file we want and click the open button. It should return to the previous shown dialog and have a list of the files you have added.

  1. Now after you have your ISOs selected, it's time to dump them onto the HD. So click start. Another dialog should pop up to rename the ISO and select the proper "Mode" to run the game correctly.

(Most games do not require a mode, however their are few that do. Check on PS2HD's list to see if it needs any modes to run correctly.) Now that we set our modes, and have renamed the ISO for easy game browsing, Click the "ok" button.

  1. A couple minutes later, the ISOs will be installed and all you have to do is click the "OK" button. It will take you back to the main program and show you your list of games.

  2. Now it is time to put the PS2 HDD back to PS2.Shutdown your computer, unhook the PS2 HD, Put it in your PS2, boot your launching application (HDLoader, Toxic OS, HDAdvanced) and select your game from the list.