Play Counter-Strike 1.6 NONSTEAM on STEAM

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Play Counter-Strike 1.6 NONSTEAM on STEAM

If you want to play Counter-Strike 1.6 NONSTEAM on STEAM (Free), you need this guide.

First you need the following files:
-CS NONSTEAM 1.6 base install (cs16full_v7.exe) (File 1).
-CS NONSTEAM 1.6 v18 patch (cs16patch_full_V18B.exe) (File 2).
-The modified STEAM files [Attached]



If you want to play Counter-Strike 1.6 NONSTEAM on STEAM (Free), you need this guide.First you need the following files:-CS NONSTEAM 1.6 base install. Download from [url=http://ftp//]here[/url] (File 1):-CS NONSTEAM 1.6 v18 patch: Download [url=]here[/url] (File 2):-The modified STEAM files. Download the attached file (File 3)[b]Instructions[/b]:1. Install Half-Life If you dont have it already.2. Install the "cs16full_v7.exe" (File 1). After you do that, install the cs16patch_full_18b.exe patch (File 2)[b]Note: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THESE STEP BY STEP![/b]3. Download the steam files (File 3). It is time to create an account using the steam application. Then login and logout. After that, extract the file 3 to folder C:Program FilesValve.4. Now, edit the steamapp.cfg:Just fill out the information you supplied with your account here.[code]==================================
SteamInstallPath="C:Program FilesValve"
# [as is clearified later on, this should be your email address:]
SteamAppUser=Account name here
SteamUserPassphrase="your password"
================================== [/code]5. Now, go into your Steam install path (C:Program FilesSteam) andcopy the Clientregistry.blob file to C:Program FilesValve. You canexit steam if you want.6. Now, create a shortcut with the following:C:Program FilesValvehl.exe -steam -game cstrike.Now click on sortcut to play CS.


[quote="Zeus "]-The modified STEAM files. Download the attached file (File 3)[/quote]From Where ?


Nice, [color=red]thank[/color] you.Now i want to ask something more.[quote="Zeus "]It is time to create an account using the steam application.[/quote]How i can do this?I mean, how i can create an account?

Please read this tutorial:


i get a fatel error >:( >:( >:( >:( can you help me please

Can you post the error please?


I also get a fatal error:[img]http://C:Dokumente und EinstellungenAlexander M��rEigene DateienEigene Bilder/error.jpg[/img]

Zeus there is no file 3, can u add a link there plzz. Thanks.

The file is attached.The URL is here: you can try the nonSteam edition and play on cracked servers.Is the same.Read my next post for more info and link.I am also working to a guide for CS Source this time to play for free online!Stay tuned

You can use this version of [b]COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6[/b]Fetaures:- NonSteam version- Playable on LAN and on cracked servers- Clean rip from original steam gcf files- Added Original CS Bots- Added cracked servers- ISO Release- Size: 300 MB Download from [url=]here[/url]


how do we know wich are the cracked servers?

The cracked servers are servers that doesnt ask for a serial to play with the game.So you can play with the -personal- backup.Read [url=]this[/url] tutorial for more in cracked servers.

It is because the board was converted from smf.
I will upload again.Sorry...


Still Dead link....

I reupload it [url=]here[/url].


HelloWhere can i find this file "steamapp.cfg"I tried to create one and to the end the game didnt workan error popped up "steamstartup(0xf,0x0013fb60) failed with error 108: The local steam service is not running"I tried to run steam and the shortcut but it didnt work>>Help me pleazzzzeI want to olay CS 1.6 onlineOKay what about CS Original BOTS where can i find it or download it.Thanks ;D

Hey ppl!The modified STEAM files. Download the attached file (File 3). Where is the link?

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