Memory hacking

Memory hacking
April 19, 2006 08:33:48

What is it? Memory editing is changing the values in a game or program while its running. Whats it used for? i use it to hack games, maybe has other uses.

Now, you'll need a memory editor, my favorite is tsearch cause it easy to use and very good. there are better ones, and more complex ones wich can do wonders, but this one is perfect for me. you can google it, or get it from here, others are at here.

Step One. Open a game, in this tut im using 3d pinball comes with windows xp pro. and im going to change the score. So Open game and the memory editor.

Step Two. (in this tut were using the highscore of the game) now in tsearch click open process in the top left corner.

Step Three. in the process list select the game your using(sometimes its abrieviated.) so select the program.

Step Four. click on the first magnified glass below the openprocess button., ( in this game were using score ) lets say my score is 1500, i type in 1500, and it should be set on 4 bytes (this varies with different types of programs, like for flash games u use float) now type the value in the value box and hit OK.

Step Five. Now change your value so if i had 1500 score i need to either higher it or lower it in the game, so ill higher it to 4000, now u click on the second magnifying glass underneath the openprocess button and type in your new value. and click OK

Step Six. Now there should be a few adresses (thats the adress for the value each specific value has a adress, cause there can be more than 1 1500 number in the game or w/e) unlike the first time there were tons, this is narrowed down to the one u want. ok if theres not 2-4 adresses u need to change ur value in the game again and then do the step 4 again.

Step Seven. double Click on the adress(s)[if theres only 1-5] and they should appear on the right where it sais descriptions, now click on the adress and change the Value to whatever u want it. after u do that click freeze if u want it to STAY at that same value. im going to change my 4000 value to 900000000 and get a new high score, in some games you need to freeze the value, like if your doing gold or something and dont want it to go down after u spend some. just freeze it.