Make your nulled IPB legal

January 3, 2007 11:44:26

If you have a nulled version of Invision Power Board and you want to make it legal (at least on others eyes) here is a small tip:

Open with any text editor the file /sources/classes/class_display.php.
Make a search for this {$this->ipsclass->version}.
Replace with this 2.0 (Trial).

Above you see Invision Power Board. Replace it with:
Invision Power Board

For the IPScheck and IPSreport functions
Search for "0You do not have permission to view this page".
Replace with "--"

Above you see 1$cust_number$acc_number
Remove it. Also Remove:

Now if anyone try to see if your board is legal, he will see that you have an innocent IPB 2.0 trial.