How To Install Windows 7 On Netbook

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If you have a Netbook, of course you will have Windows XP installed. But what if you want to install Windows 7?

However, if you try to install Windows 7, you will see that Windows requires a lot of memory and may be heavy for your netbook, at least the Micro$oft's version.

Here is the answer which is given by the other users who sat down and removed the "junk" from Windows 7 and they made Windows 7 lite to run well with 128MB Ram.
Note: The following guide allows you to make a bootable flash from all isos (and not only), not just for Windows 7, and is the simplest way you can find.

You'll need the iso (Windows 7 Lite, you can find it with a google search), UltraIso (you can download the trial, it does our job) and a USB Stick 2GB at least.

Install and run UltraIso. From there, open the ISO file you downloaded.

After opening the ISO, choose "Bootable" and select "Write Disk Image".

At the new window, just choose your USB Flash and click on "Write".

When finish, you're ready. Put the USB Flash in the Netbook, choose to boot from USB and you can install Windows 7 to your Netbook.


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