Identify the DVD chip using the Wiis serial number

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It seems that most new Nintendo Wii units come with this updated controller which means thmost Nintendo Wii units produced after February 2007 cannot be modded with the current generation of chips.

So if you want to buy a Wiinja, you must know if the chip supports your console. Thanks to a Wiinja forum member named Vixen, this is possible without to open your console. It seems the first part of the serial number holds the key to knowing if you have the incompatible D2B chip or not.
(This method is not 100% accurate, the only way to be sure is opening the console)

Check your serial number against the tables below.
GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LEH 100XXXXX
  • LEH 101XXXXX
  • LEH 102XXXXX
  • LEH 103XXXXX
  • LEH 104XXXXX
  • LEH 105XXXXX
  • LEH 106XXXXX
  • LEH 107XXXXX
  • LEH 108XXXXX
  • LEH 10812XXX
  • LEH 1085XXXX
  • LEH 1091XXXX
  • LEH 10979XXX

GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LEH 10889XXX
  • LEH 109225XX
  • LEH 1100XXXX
  • LEH 1101XXXX
  • LEH 1104XXXX

For European models it seems the D2B chip was introduced somewhere between LEH 1091XXXX and LEH 109225XX.

North America
GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LU 100XXXXXX

  • LU 101XXXXXX

  • LU 102XXXXXX

  • LU 103XXXXXX

  • LU 104XXXXXX

  • LU 1050XXXXX

  • LU 300XXXXXX

  • LU 301XXXXXX

  • LU 302XXXXXX

  • LU 303XXXXXX

  • LU 304XXXXXX

  • LU 305XXXXXX

  • LU 306XXXXXX

  • LU 502XXXXXX

  • LU 503XXXXXX

  • LU 504XXXXXX

  • LU 505XXXXXX

  • LU 506XXXXXX

  • LU 5074XXXXX

GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LU 1047XXXXX

  • LU 1054XXXXX

  • LU 3072XXXXX

  • LU 50853XXXX

  • LU 5089XXXXX

For North-America it appears that there are three different ranges in use (LU1/LU3/LU5). Its possible that each range is used in a different area, factory or language pack. Each range will have a number where the D2B chip is introduced.
For LU1 this seems to be between LU 104XXXXXX and LU 1054XXXXX.
For LU3 its between LU306XXXXXX and LU3072XXXXX and
for LU5 its somewhere between LU 5074XXXXX and LU50853XXXX.

GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LAH 10067XXX

GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LJH 102XXXXX

GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)

  • LJH 1038XXXX

Keep in mind that it is possible that there are different factories or production lines that use different stocks.

Therefore the above tables could be wrong at some points. It is also possible that a console's DVD initially failed the Quality Checks and has been shipped with a new DVD player that has the D2B chip. Thiswould only apply to serials that are in the danger zone.

However, so far the serial number seems to give a reasonable indication of what chip is inside your console.


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