How-To: Wifime-Flashme And Supercard

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How-To: Wifime-Flashme And Supercard

Here is a little tutorial for everyone who wants to flash the NDS with Wifime.

Preparation of your Supercard: You need at least Firmware 1.50 for your Supercard. So Download the right firmware and copy to your CF/SD and run it on your NDS / GBA. Flash your Supercard.

    1. You need a compatible WLAN PCI/PCMCIA Card, see this list. USB ones will not work.
    1. Get the latest NDS R2650 driver from the offical download page. Also get latest WMB (Wireless Multiboot Application) and WifiMe.
    1. If you already installed the WLAN manufacture drivers: remove them first. Install the NDS-Driver, like shown here.
    1. Extract WMB to c:ndswmb. Extract Wifime to c:ndswmbdata
    1. Download Flashme.nds and Ndsloader.bin to c:nds. These files need to be combined, so use windows command for this:

copy /b c:ndsndsloader.bin + c:ndsflashme.nds c:ndsflashme_patched.nds

Copy flashme_patched.nds to your CF/SD and put it in your NDS, but don't turn it on now.

    1. Start WMB with windows command:
      c:ndswmbwmb -data wifime

The command window should stay open. If it doesn't you haven't a compatible Wlan card or haven't installed the NDS-driver.

    1. NDS: Open the battery lid, remove the square white/pink sticker from the hole.
    1. Start NDS and choose Download Game and then download "Wifime".

Your Supercard should boot now in NDS mode, both screens must be activated. If only one is active, you've done something wrong (has the supercard the new firmware?) and check the list again.

    1. Start the "flashme_patched.nds". If it fails, go back to point 5. Now you have to put something in the hole where you removed the sticker. A small screwdriver should be fine. You have to hold it until 100% is reached. If power fails your NDS is gone! So, if you want to be sure use your powersupply!

After 100% is reached and you see something like success on your screen, everything worked and your NDS is flashed and you can switch it off. Congratulations!

Everytime you want to boot in NDS mode, you need to hold down ABXY when you turn your NDS on.

Don't forget to patch your commercial Roms with appropriate tools and you still need a retail game in the NDS-Slot (Mario 64 US doesn't work for many people, try the Metroid demo or any other game).

Homebrew software needs ndsloader.bin:
copy /b ndsloader.bin + homebrew.nds homebrew_patched.nds


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