How To Download Videos From MTV Overdrive

July 29, 2006 12:23:55

MTV Overdrive is a free Broadband Video Channel brought to you by Like many others, you can not download any video. View this guide to bypass this limit.

I spent a lot of hours trying to figure out how to download vids from here and i finally found a way.
What we need
FlashGet (or any other Download manager)
Firefox to open up jhtml files and the page

How to
-First go to Overdrive.
-Find the video you want.You can watch it until the end or pause it. But you must let it play for aboun 5".For this guide, i selected the "Snakes in a plane".

-No go to our Temporary Internet Files Folder, should be something like this C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files.
With right click, sort by internet address and go down till you see something like a media player file with the name
"" or "asxgen.jhtml?vid=42963".

 -Right click one of the asxgen files, select properties and copy the link thats highlighted.
 -Now open WMP and from menu select file -> open ulr and paste the url.Let it play the video and stop it.Now open flashget (or your
D/L manager) and select a new download and paste -again- the url. When it finish (you see a file that reads asxgen.jhtml in the directory you saved the file )open the file you just saved with wordpad. You see something that says ASX VERSION="3.0". Scroll down untill you find the line that reads <REF xhref="mms://.

The link is a mms link. Now copy the entire link, and not only the video part from link because it wont work like that ,you need the "auth" also.

-Now paste the link in ure download manager and you will have a pretty good quality video in a couple minutes.