How to stream TV to your PSP via WiFi!

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This guide will show you the right way to stream TV, Music, DVD's, Divx's, Podcasts etc to your PSP via WiFi!

You also will need

  1. A WIFI connection
  2. A PSP V1.5 (for this guide at least)

What to do

  1. Download the file above and extract contents to a folder.
  2. Look in VLC folder and run vlc.exeInstall program using defaults. Make sure to let it create a shortcut to the desktop.
  3. Copy folders PMPVLC009_JockyW and PMPVLC009_JockyW% to your PSP GAME folder.
  4. Inside the folder PMPVLC009_JockyW you will find a PMP.ini file. Double click and it should open in notepad, if not do it yourself.
  5. Copy and overwrite ALL of the text in the PMP.ini file with the following code:

# Net Io Config
con          = 1;  
vlc_server    = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
vlc_port   = 8080;
pmp_server    = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
pmp_port   = 3333;
debug        = 0;
videopath1   = c:Movies;
videopath2   = ;
videopath3   = ;
videopath4   = ;
videopath5   = ;
musicpath1   = c:Music;
musicpath2   = ;
musicpath3   = ;
musicpath4   = ;
musicpath5   = ;
dvd_drive   = e:

VLC transcoding settings

res_horiz   = 360;
res_vert   = 272;
use_avc_hw   = 0;
vid_codec = DIV3;
vid_bitrate = 600;
vid_fps = 25;
venc = x264{me=dia,subme=1,analyse=none,bframes=0,b-adapt=none,chroma-me=none,merange=1};
aud_codec = mp3;
aud_bitrate   = 48;
aud_channels   = 2;
resample      = 0;
aud_samplerate   = 44100;
container = ogg;

live stream server

liveserver   = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
liveport   = 1234;

  1. Now click File--Save, then change all the 192.XXX.XXX.XXX to the ip of the computer running VLC Media Player (which we installed earlier). To find out your ip in windows go to Start->Run and type cmd and hit enter. Now in the DOS command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter. Your ip is now displayed.
  2. Install TVUPlayer. When installed, open it up and choose a channel to make sure it works. If so, close it and open its folder in C:/Program Files/TVUPlayer.

In there should be a folder called "log.txt". Open it up and scroll to the bottom. There should be a port number somewhere. It generally is 8901 but could differ from PC to PC. Note this port number down!

  1. Now double click your shortcut to VLC media player and see if it launches. If it opens successfully, go to file and click on Open Network Stream. In HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS type in the IP address you were using above (the one you are runnng VLC and TVUPlayer from and then add a colon and the port number from earlier so for example I normally find that caching around 500 helps, but play with it to get your preference. Then put a tick in Stream/Save and then click on settings.
  2. In the box labeled Target insert this line of code.
  3. Again change the 192.XXX.XXX.XXX:1234 to the IP of your PC but leave the :1234 You can play around with the vb=400, width=360, height=272 to change screen size and picture quality to see what works best for you. This is just a "default" setting that should work for everyone. Also may want to change the same settings in the pmp.ini file.
  4. Now reopen TVUPlayer and choose your channel. It should show you the channel after it buffers up.
  5. Back in VLC, click OK, then OK again and now you should be streaming TVUPlayer. VLC should have a “timer” running in the bottom left of the program window.
  6. Now turn on your PSP and run the PMPVLC009_JockyW homebrew, make sure you have set up a WIFI connection in v1.5 firmware before
    launching the program.
  7. Turn on your Wlan switch and then press Right Trigger to enable wireless.
  8. If connected you should see your PSP ip in green in the lower left corner and it should say Network ON. On the right you should see
    VLC server mode in green.
  9. Now press Select, scroll down to Live Stream and hit Circle.
  10. You should now see a black screen with Loading… for a few seconds then your TV should appear. If the image pops up but is distorted, just press Square and then Select and choose Live Stream again and it should work again.
    X button pauses your live TV, the X resumes again. Square stops and brings you back to main menu.

After closing, VLC stays running sometimes and uses CPU speed, CTRL+ALT+Delete on the keyboard brings up the task manager. Look for a process called vlc.exe and choose end program to stop this and free up your CPU.

The only bad thing with this is that you have to actually go to the computer to change channels via TVUPlayer.You can also use these settings to stream Music, DVD's, Divx's, Podcasts and whatever else you can throw at it.

As a summary, TVUPlayer gets the Streaming TV for you, VLC sucks it from TVUPlayer, resizes it and rebroadcasts it.


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