How to reset your Admin password on windows

July 23, 2006

If you forgot you Admin password, here is a quick tutorial.

Note: This method DOESN'T bypass the bios pass (if any). There are other ways to bypass bios password.

How to
Download CIA Commander from here (trial). Run it and install it on a floppy disk.

Restart your pc and go to BIOS menu. Select to boot with the floppy.Save and exit bios.
You come to a blue screen. You have to select your partition (select the one where windows is installed on)

You come to a menu , choose User Manager

You come to a DIR Listing where you have to choose your winnt directory (windows 2000 : WINNT ; WINDOWS XP : WINDOWS) select it and press space. You see a listing of the available users. If not there should be a message that the administrator account is locked. Unlock it.

If there is a listing of the users select the user and press F3 to change the pass. Enter a new pass and press enter. You should get a message that the password has been changed successfully.

Congrats! You just changed the old and lost pass to a new one. Theres no way to find out the old password with this tool. Also i didn't try it with a flash memory.

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