How to: Bitorrent & Bitcomet

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Here is a simple guide how to install and use the Bitorrent & Bitcomet.

  1. Max Connection:
    If u use windows xp get ride of the max connections limit. This is because M$ limited the max connection to 10. By using this patch, u can growing it up to 50. Get it here, run just one time, then u will not need it again:

  2. Port fowarding
    Fowarding the ports on ur router if u have one, otherwise got to point 3). Port fowarding is the most important part to get a clear and fast download. See why u need to open ur port here:

Bittorrent network use the following port: 6881 to 6889, recently was estended to 6999 (ALL TCP). How to do it depend on ur router. U will need the ip of ur local machine. U can get it easy:
Go to 'Start -> Run' and type in 'cmd' , this opens a black 'dos' screen, type ipconfig and hit ok, u should see something like this:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Write down ur internal IP address u will need later to fowarding ur port.
Also see ur predefenite Gateway address, u can access ur router configuration simple put this address to ur browser. If u accessing ur router for the first time, user and psw should be by default admin/admin.

To get all the information on how portfowarding ur own router go here, its easy:

Remember you need to be sure you have it forward to YOUR INTERNAL IP ADDRESS. DO NOT! use the ip address (public) of your internet provider, your ip is the one assigned to you by the router, in this example

If ur router doesn't allow a range of ports (from/to) u will need to open them singulary. It's easy and just 2 ports chosen from 6881 to 6999 are enough. If you would like to check your firewall/NAT port forwarding configuration, try the Natcheck page. U will need to enter the hash ID of the torrent. In bittornato while its running can be found on main screen under "details".

  1. Firewall
    You don't need to configure it but just hit ALLOW (both server and internet access) everytime u start to run a download and it warning about ur torrent application is trying to connect. Everytime is better then forever, in this way u have a just a lit more control on these ports when ur not using them. That's all.
    If ur using zonealarm left the trusted zone on med, as is by default. If using windows xp firewall, its suggest to deactive it right clicking on your network connection>properties>advanced and uncheck the box.

  2. The client
    In this example: bittornado. Bittornado have not a nice look, but its good, and many nice looking client are just using its engine add multiple downloads and nice button u dont need. It have all to take control on ur download in just an efficent way. Download the stable version (0.3.7) here do not download latest experimental 0.3.12 cuz still have a bug, it crash on exit (at this time 05.17.05) .

Its not easy to find previous experimental version then 0.3.12. I any case i found the 0.3.10 here and it work good: or here

Install it. U can't run it, u still just need a .torrent file, so choose a torrent from some latest recent post u like (not to old or there will not be seeder), double click on this file u have downloaded and at this only point the client will come up asking where u want to store the file u are downloading.

When done the main program window come up, go to "Prefs"(see img.2) and put the same port u have forwarding on ur router under "port range". If u have forwarded just 2 port uncheck randomized (see img.1).

The first time, once time at all, close it and restart, cuz as shown (img.1) *These settings will not take effect until the next time you start Bit Torrent.

If u did all correctly, u'll be reachable, i mean ur having a clear connection, the upper sphere on the main windows will be green (see img.2). You HAVE DONE! the green color mean u have portfowarded right ur router and ur firewall its doing want u ask to do: don't bother. Click on this sphere for more advice on the status. For others questions on bittornado visit its official forum _

Main windows

  • Often connections through bit torrent take time (20-30mins) to get to full speed so be patient.
  • If u will use Bit Tornado choose automatic on "setting for" in the main window when u start, then, after 5-10 minutes when upload and download is more or less balanced, adjust it to ur convenience, according on ur connection.
  • Bittornado can open as many downloads as u whis, everyone with its separate windows. But i don't suggest. Concentrate it to just one file at time or two if ur connection is large enough (lowering the one u want less), multiple download means multiple connections and this can kill ur bandwidth and slowdown the whole work. For this reason, in my opinion, the nice looking client i say above, with multiple downloads and nice icons are just smoke on the eyes, useless.
  • Use torrent link when the game its hot or u will lose ur chance. Seeder and peers will not stay forever.
  • Don't lose ur faith on ur first try, just look well ur configuration again, the most important thing is to fowarding ur port correctly accordly with the client and viceversa. U will be glad when u will start downloading torrents fast enough.
  • Give other people opportunity to get files by seeding a little more time when u finished a download, u need the same favor to get the job done.
  • As every p2p or network user do not store sensible data on ur pc.
  • If u want to keep out some well known bad ips.., install PeerGuardian, its just a little more help on your security _

U have the light green but still low speed:
Most time the upload speed should be set to around 13-20Kbps. But if u experiencing very low speed you may be flooding your connection. Reduce your upload to 90% of your total upstream bandwidth.

If u experiencing a slower download that the upload, try adjust connections and upload it by time to time, or try just once to manual announce (see advance link on main bit tirnado windows to find out), or be patience or just abort and forget the tracker choosing another one torrent link if available.

Remember, sometimes there simply isn't a lot of upload bandwidth available on a torrent. This means that only a few people are participating or don't have a lot of bandwidth to spare. Your download speed will only ever be as fast as another persons upload speed, so look for torrents with the most seeds and peers.

Isp is blocking p2p:
If ur isp is blocking p2p, or its using "packet shaping" technology to cripple your speed, i'm apologize, that just suck, i have not a suggestion other then change ur isp, or try using un-common ports, the acceptable range to choose a new port from is 49152 - 65535. Someone say to try port 443 too. Just try.

More links:


  • If no one upload no one download it is how torrent work. Torrents doesnt allow 100% leechers, so do not be disappointed if in some private site, u will be ip-banned if u have for long time a very low ratio.

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