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This guide will show one how to use hamachi.

Hamachi. What it is?

As you all know, there are some problems when using apprentice and you are behind a firewall and/or router. When you are unable to configure your router and/or firewall to work together with apprentice, you can use hamachi.

Hamachi is a program that opens a temporary network in which two people can connect to to chat privately or exchange files. The program is useful because it also provides a tempory IP address so walled Apprentice players can connect to each other. Only works for Windows 2000 and XP. In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable.

Needed Tools:

Hamachi for Windows (v0.9.9.9). Get it here. You can download the latest release (beta v1.0.0.59) here.
Follow the Setup and install Hamachi. Just let everything install in the standard way and folders.

Click the Launch Hamachi box at end of install and Hamachi will start up. A little How to use guide will pop up telling you how to join existing networks and create new ones

Creating a New Network

First click the button with a triangle on it at the bottom of the program. Then a sub menu sho u ld pop up select ''Create new network''

The next step is naming your network and make a password (for example: Name: Mynet, Password: Mynet00) and click the "Create" Button. The network is then created.

Joining a Network

If you want to join a network, start with clicking the button with a triangle on it at the bottom of the program screen. Then a sub menu should pop up select ''Join existing network'' Get the name and password from your opponent and enter it in appropriate slots.

Using Hamachi to host Apprentice

After you have either joined or had another join your network you will find yourself being at a position to do lots of things, including send a message to someone, send files, receive files, and host Apprentice.

To host Apprentice is like calling a opponent, use the IP next to their name and enter it. port 4747, this will call your opponent just as usual in apprentice.


When you read the guide after downloading the program you will notice the part on the dots by your name. For a connection to be stable, a dot must be fully green and not blinking.

Wait a few minutes for your confection on to become stable and the dot to be fully green. If however your dot turns yellow it means you lost connection with the person. Leave the network and restart your computer. Then try again.


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