Firmware Hack for LG TVs LH/LF series

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Firmware Hack for LG TVs LH/LF series

There is a hack for LG's TVs, that can run movie files in mkv, avi, mp4 and Xvid format.

You need this firmware (v3.15) and a USB flash drive (FAT). Your TV must be compatible with the hacked firmware.

The compatible models are
32LF2500 37LF2500 42LF2500 19LH2000 22LH2000 26LH2000 32LH2000 37LH2000 42LH2000 32LH3000 37LH3000 42LH3000 47LH3000 32LH4000 37LH4000 42LH4000 47LH4000 32LH5000 37LH5000 42LH5000 47LH5000 32LH7000 37LH7000 42LH7000 47LH7000 19LU4000 22LU4000 26LU4000 19LU5000 22LU5000 26LU5000

a)Some .mkv files don't run. These files are known as "High Reference Frames" and when the frames are more than 5, the TV can't run them (the PC can). The solution is either to re-compress them (count 2-3 hours for this), or to find another file with a lower resolution. File info can be viewed with MediaInfo.
Search for something like this:
"Codec Settings (Reference Frames).................4"

b) This hack can be done with any programmed remote or any mobile/PC/Laptop/Tablet with IR. Again, your TV must be a compatible one.

How to
Move the firmware file inside a folder with the name LG_DTV. Move this folder in the root of the USB flash and insert the flash on your TV. Now press "menu" on TV's remote and highlight the "Option". Now from the remote, press 7 times the "FAV" button (down and right).

You will see a new menu, where you can see the firmware.

Press "OK" and wait to finish updating.

When done, the TV will restart. After that, press and keep "OK" button on remote and then press "OK" button on TV, for 5 sec. You will be asked for a password. Enter 0000.

Now you will see the "Service menu". From there, select "Tool Options 3".

Now change:
EMF (JPEG,MP3) to 1
Divx to HD

Don't change anything else, to avoid any problem with the TV. The new menu will look like this:

Now you can update the TV to the latest firmware. Download firmware v3.63 and put it again inside the LG_DTV folder and insert the USB flash in the TV. Normally, your TV will recognize the FW immediately, if not, repeat the above process. Don't worry about the hack, it will be active.

If for any reason, you want to restore to factory's firmware, press menu from the remote and highlight the "Option". Now press 7 times the "9" button. You will get this message:
"Restore program completed".

To control movie files, use the remote:
Green - stop
Yellow - play
Blue - pause
OK - info

  • move forward
    < - move backward

With this hack, the TV supports these formats and files:

If your movie has only DTS sound, your TV can't play it, because it don't support DTS. Download MKV Audio Converter and follow this guide to convert the sound. It takes about 20min.

Now you are ready to watch your movies or tv shows on TV. Without media players, HTPC or anything else. Just an external USB HDD and you are ready. To avoid use and more cables, use a portable USB HDD.

Thanks LG...


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