Download everything from actualtests free

November 13, 2006 09:01:44

This is how you can download any and all of the Q&A's and Study Guides DIRECTLY from without to pay $99.

Your perfect source for MCSE Certification CCNA A+, Network+ and more training.

This will give you the most up to date material to study from, as its directly from the site. Dont know how long it will last, so get all you need.
So if you want to download any A&A or Study Guide try this trick:
-Go to and make an account.
-No go to to make sure that the Q&A or Study Guide that you are seeking is offerred by

To download the Q&As:
Once you are in, copy and paste this link: into your browser's address bar.
Also try this link if that one doesnt work:
Replace with the exam code you want based on the exam number/code.
For example if you want to download the exam, you need to put an extra 0 at the beginning because MS uses a 2 digit number at the start.
So the link will be

To download the Study Guides:
The same as above but use this URL

Replace the xxx-xxx with the code for your exam, as in the above example. Be sure to leave in the "sg" part as its needed.