Diy parallettes

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Diy parallettes

Parallettes are very well known tool for body weight workouts. Can help you accelerate your strength and skills. You can use them for push ups, dips, shoot throughs, tucks and other gymnastic moves.

You can find them in various stores and prices, but you can make your own very cheap. You will need a pallet, one piece of wood (round, for handles), wood screws and wood glue.

Remove all the pieces from the pallet and remove all the nails. Cut the pieces and scrape the pieces to clean them.

For a pair of parallettes you will need:
2 round pieces of 30cm each (for handles)
2 pieces of 40cm for foot
2 pieces of 30cm for stand
4 pieces of 20-25cm (you choose the height you want), to hold the handles.

Before starting, you can check where you will put the screws, to open the holes with a drill. After you open a hole, use a bigger drill to open a bigger hole for the heads of the nails.

You can start from any piece you want, but for me it was easier to start from the 40cm piece first, then put one piece of 20cm on it, put on this piece the handle and then use the other one 20cm piece. Last, put the stand pieces.

Remember, when putting a piece of wood, to put some glue on it and then screw it, to make it more safe and stable.

Ready for action…

When finish, let them few hours for glue to drying. You can use aluminum tube instead of wood, but wood is cheaper. You can paint them to make them looking good, but is not necessary.

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