How To Decrypt Music From iTunes and iPod

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How To Decrypt Music From iTunes and iPod

You buy a song from iTunes, right click on it and click 'convert to MP3'. Problem? Yes. iTunes songs are 'protected'. This means that you can't play them on non-iPod MP3 players, or on deauthorized computers. Apple do this to their files to stop copywright infringment. However, there is a way to get past the protection.

In fact, there are three ways. But first, you need to identify which files need unlocking. To do this: open iTunes and on the left hand side, look for the sources panel. This lists things like 'Library', 'Party Shuffle', iPod (if you've got one), Audio CD, etc, etc. Got that? now click on 'Library'. It should be already selected but still check it anyway.

Make sure the 'Type' colouumn is displayed and click it a few times. Now, scroll down your library until you see a group of files with the 'type' set to 'Protected AAC or something similar. These are the songs we'll unlock! Right click one of them, and go to 'Get info'. This should tell you where about the song is on your harddrive. The location should be the same for all the songs in that album. Either note this down or take a screenshot.
Now, let's unlock them!

Method one: jTunes

This method is the easiest.
First of all, you need to download JHymn. You don't need to install it and the download is tiny. You can find it at Once it's downloaded, open the ZIP archive and run JHymn.exe

Click on 'Add files/folders...'
Navigate to the location of the song(s) you want to unlock. Select them and click OK
Now you can fiddle with the options. Generally, it's best to tell it to convert all the protected formats to MP3, but that'll be the slowest method.
When you'r done, click 'convert...'
Now, you play the waiting game. To pass the time, you may wish to write an article about how to unlock iTunes AACs. Or, you could get on with that work you were nagging yourself to do.........?
When it's done, a results box will be displayed. Close it, open iTunes and your files are converter and their protection removed.

Method two: ReRipping

Warning:This method is tedious. Very tedious.
Put all of your protected AACs into one playlist.
Burn the playlist as an Audio CD, and print the track listing.
When it's done, test the disc(s) in a HIFI and then delete all the protected AACs from your library.
Now, put the audio CDs you just burned and tested into your computer and impotr them again. You'll need to Type in the Name, Artist, track number, etc, etc in manually. Now you see why I made you print the track listing.

Method three: Sound recording

This way is not the best because its principle is to play the music and using a program to record the sound from the sound card, this way you don't get the original file but a recording to it, since we are talking about digital music files theoretically you should get the same quality (by using the app correctly). This way is the hardest and takes much more time and effort and its not guarenteed use it as a last resort.

We need Audio Recorder Deluxe. You can download a trial here
1- Install Audio Recorder Deluxe
2- Press on the 'speaker' button
3- choose Stereo mix (see pic)
4- While playing the file press record and you are supposed to see stripes moving (see pic)
p.s. if there is no stripes as shown then try all of the other options (mono mix etc...) till you see them. the stripe will appear only after selecting record (and there must be music playing on computer_
5- The output file is in the location shown. you can change the location as you wish.
Now to optimize the record you can change options (changing bitrate etc...).


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