Darkstar One - How to get it to work

August 26, 2006 03:56:02

This is an alternate method of playing Darkstar One.No more jiggling stars, Prices are NORMAL, turrets will no longer lose aim, we will no longer be restricted to the first galaxy therefore we can finally go and meet jack.

NOTE:This is NOT 100% tested...

  1. Download the Reloaded version of the game and install it. Do not apply the provided Reloaded crack !!

  2. Download the following programs :
    A) Daemon Tools v3.47 (Newer versions seems not working with this method)
    B) Virtual CD Hide v1.0.0.4
    C) Darkstar One v1.1 German Patch (45mb)
    D) DarkStar One [GERMAN] No-DVD/Fixed Image .

  3. Uninstall Daemon tools v4.03 or whatever version you have and install the 3.47 version, Unrar Virtual CD HIDE, unrar Darkstar_One_bended.rar(the mini-image) until you have the .MDF and .MDS files and mount the image with Daemon Tools 3.47 (Note: that an error will be displayed just press ok and ignore it)

  4. Install the Darkstar One v1.1 German Patch.

  5. Now just start Virtual CD Hide and Right click the new tray icon that appeared and select hide all virtual drives.

  6. Mount the RELOADED DVD image into Daemon tools and browse it and find a directory called EXE for example: on my pc my virtual drive is "G:" so i had to go to "G:EXE" within that directory there should be a file called "WalPlugSpace.wex" you copy that file into your game directory overwriting the old one... remount the mini-image and that's it!! .

  7. Enjoy