Connect your PS4 controller to a PC

Connect your PS4 controller to a PC
September 28, 2014 02:06:03

PS4 controller is my favorite gaming controller. Is light (a bit heavier from the PS3 though) and very comfortable. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to connect your PS4 controller to a PC.

If you connect your PS4 to PC, you will see your PC to recognize it easily as "Wireless Controller". With a free program, you can trick your PC to recognize it as an "Xbox 360" controller, fully supported from most games.

Download the drivers for Xbox 360 controller. Maybe you need to install and the latest versions of DirectX Runtime, Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Visual C 2010/2012 Runtime too.

When done, download and run DS4Windows, a program that translates PS4 buttons as Xbox 360.

When finish, connect DualShock 4 to PC, either with a USB cable, or a Bluetooth dongle (in case connecting it with BT, press Share + PS buttons together for 3-4 seconds, to pair the controller). Your PC can now recognize the controller correctly.

By selecting "New Profile", you can change buttons mapping, analog sensitive and many more. I tried it with "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" and the controller was fully supported.