Connect the PS3 controller to the PC

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Connect the PS3 controller to the PC

Although I have purchased some PC controllers, however, the PlayStation controller is by far the best for games (at least for me). So I decided to find a way to connect it to my PC and play with this PC games, and of course, emulators.

The simplest way is with MotioninJoy, a client that helps the PC to see the PS3 controller properly.

Install the program and connect the controller to a USB port (with the cable you are charging it) and windows will try to install the controller, something that will not end successfully. When Windows tells you to complete the process, run MotioninJoy and select "Driver Manager". Here check the controller and press "Load Driver".

When it is finished, the controller is ready.

We can set additional options from the "Profiles" menu. For the PS3 control to work fully on the PC, we need to select the right profile, as in the picture below.

Your controller is now ready. You can use it with any emulator you want or PC game.


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