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You can find almost anything you are looking for with Google, if you know how to use their search engine properly.

1. Exact phrase: Let's say you are looking something for "internet marketing". Instead searching for hours, you can use exactly what are you looking for in quotes.

Example: "internet marketing"

2. Word removing: Let's say you are looking for "internet marketing", like the previous example, but you don't want results containing the term "advertising". To do this, put a minus in front of the word you want to exclude.

Example: "internet marketing" -advertising

3. Searching in a specific site for the term: You may know that a site has an interesting article, but you don't know the URL. Google can help. Just put ""in the search.

Example: "internet marketing"

4. Similar words: Let's say you want to include a word in your search results. Just put the "~" in front of this word.

Example: "internet marketing" ~professional

5. Word files: If you want to find something in word files (or other files), you can tell Google what file you are looking for, by using the "filetype" term.

Example: "internet marketing" filetype:ppt

6. This OR that: When you are searching for something, this will include any relatively results with the term you used. You can limit your searching, by telling Google where exactly to look, by adding the "OR" operator.

Example: internet marketing OR advertising

7. Numeric limit search: Very rare, but it can be useful. Let's say you are looking for an event happened in a specific date. Just put the first number, two dots and the second number. This is not about dates, but for number in general.

Example: earthquake 1940..1950

8. Stock: Here you can enter the symbol you want and it will return the current prices.

Example: "GOOG"

9. Calculator: If you want to use a calculator quick, just enter what you want and you will get the result. You can use it as a currency converter.

Example: 48512 * 1.02
Example: 48£ to €

10. Word definition. If you want to search for a word definition, put in front the term "define:".

Example: define:plethora

11. You can also search for terms inside URLs, by using the "inurl:".

Example: site: inurl:psp [Test]

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