How to save Spotify's songs

How to save Spotify's songs
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Spotify is a streaming service providing access to over 30 million songs. Spotify has apps available for most modern devices and lets users listen to music through a range of entertainment systems.

There were a Chrome plugin where you could save the songs you wanted, but now Spotify has been fixed the bug and this plugin doesn't work anymore. So, let's see an other way to save the songs.

The best way is to use a streaming recorder program, that records anything you hearing from your PC. There are many programs available, but after many tries, i decided to use Streaming music recorder. With this program you can save songs and from other streaming services.

Go to and choose a list or the songs you want. The best way is to use a list, so you can leave your PC working. It is best to close any other programs that may run in the background. For best results, use Chrome.

Run "Streaming music recorder" and set it up to automatically split the silence as songs, so to have the songs separated and avoid using an editing software after that. Run the list on Spotify and let the program begin recording.

Below are typical settings, you can set it up as you want.


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