Sub-Blogs, Multilang and eShop Plugin for the Bludit

Sub-Blogs, Multilang and eShop Plugin for the Bludit
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I'm working on an new Plugin for the Bludit CMS, which allows you to create sub-blogs (multi blogs), it supports multilang posts (posts, pages and categories in multi languages) and you can also have an eshop.

Although I was working on a CMS in php, mostly to cover my own needs, but it takes a lot of time to create a new CMS from the beggining, with its login system, the admin panel and everything else a modern CMS needs.

So I decided to pause the development of my CMS and start the creation of a plugin for another CMS.

I didn't want to develop a plugin for the WordPress, because WordPress becomes very slow after a while. So I decided to create this plugin for the Bludit, which I have wrote a few plugins for and I know how it works.


  • You can have multilingual content. For now it only supports posts/pages and categories (no tags). You can have multilang content for products and for forum/topics too.
  • You can have multi sub-blogs. Every blog can have its own posts and categories.
  • You can have different disqus codes for each language
  • You can also have an eshop, with a lot of settings and options.
  • The plugin supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and SEO without the need for extra plugins.
  • You can temporary disable a blog or an entire language, in case you want their posts to be hidden from your blog..
  • You can have a sitemap with separate file for each blog.
  • You can create an eShop with products from other stores (affilliation) or deal/coupon/price comparison system.
  • You can create an autoblog that will find and publish content from other sites.
  • Redirection Mode. You can create unlimited redirections, if you have changed a post, like this post for instance (this url was from my old WP blog).

For now the plugin is under constraction and I don't know when I finish it, although it's 90% ready. You can see a demo in this site, which runs on a single bludit installation, or here, where you can see all the features of the plugin.

A few screenshots of the plugin

The Content Page
The main settings
Blogs options
Store Settings
Product Options (Editor's Sidebar)
The Main Menu for the language
Options for a specific languages, here is for English

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