Restoration of a band saw model '81 (Samakidis)

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See a restoration of a wood band of the Greek company Samakidis, model 81.

Samakidis was a Greek machine construction company.

This machine was bought somewhere in 1961 and was used for a few years. Then she was abandoned outside and waited patiently until someone would make her great again.

For the restoration, first sandblasting was done and then the machine went to a machineryhouse, in order to repair some missing parts.

Later a new motor added and an on-off switch similar to the one she originally had from the factory, while she was also painted with her original color. The painted wood added at the end, but some parts were not originally there from the factory, we added it.

The band saw works like new, despite her age, a sign of how good material they used back then.

See some of the photos of the reconstruction below.